Development of Short film Ideas

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The first initial idea that I had developed with y colleague Kelvin, was a short film about a Level Two University students who is looking back at his past experiences in first year. These experiences will be shown through a series of flashbacks. Within these flashbacks, we had planned that audiences will see the different relationships that this student has formulated in his past, the mistakes he had made, and the way his life turned out to be.

After discussing the plot and several things we wanted to feature in the film, we had noticed that it wasn’t a solid idea and it needed development. As it was our first idea, I was prepared to continue research into possible themes and issues. Looking at the themes which we touched upon in the first stage of this module, I was able to link these themes into other ideas which I could begin to develop in the short film.

The first feedback we received after pitching this idea to Steve Dawkins, the course leader, we were mad to start thinking of ways in which we could develop the idea, through developing a concept that makes the short film a product in our contemporary media world. It enabled me to start thinking of myself critically as a Media Producer instead of Media Production student.

The idea was one which we looked to develop. After receiving some feedback, it helped us consider specific key areas that will begin to make our project viable, also as a relevant product in the film industry. We bagan to consider areas such:

  • Age groups, (Increasing age of characters)
  • Narrowing down the plot
  • Researching other ideas
  • Developing characters
  • Issues the film will be touching on

Furthermore, being able to consider these areas, I will be able to consider the development process of this pre-mature idea, as we begin to develop the concept within it to make a project worthy of a Final Media Project.




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Audio-Visual Presentation

Updated C.V


Creativity is a skill that is needed in all working areas. From my involvement in different projects, I have learnt to be creative in whatever I produce. Photography has a huge aspect of creativity involved in it. Without creativity, a media product can lack detail. In all areas of production, there is a level of creativity needed from individuals. From obtaining skills such as using a camera, I have learnt to apply a sense of creativity and uniqueness in what I film in order to make it different from others.  From my experience, I have learnt to believe that there is hardly a form of originality as things have always been implemented before in the past. We as media producers have to take what has already been made in the past and transform it into something new, in order to form originality.

With the F.A project, majority of my creativity came from my camera skills. As my camera skills have developed, I have learnt to use a variety of camera techniques and angles in order to get good camera shots. My ways of positioning the camera has improved because I always tend to think of ways in which I could make it better. Creativity in thoughts is essential because a creative mind is a productive mind.

With my self initiated project, clever lens, the work we do requires a lot of creativity, and through it, we are able to express ourselves and our skills. We aim to represent the name of our company and implement what it means into what we produce. We were creative in all aspects of building the company to its current state. However, we have researched and discovered ways in which things have been implemented by others and we are building in knowledge on how we can formulate these ideas into the work we produce in order to stay at a respectful standard.

Working on other modules such as Digital media has enabled me to enhance my creativity. Building a website to showcase my work has been a successful part of the module as I have learnt new skills in photography which I can then implement into what I produce for the Company. My website is:

Our creativity always expands as we build on our experiences, and building on my experiences has impacted my skills, which has enabled me to be more creative. My previous posts all include aspects of my development, and from it gradual improvements in my creativity can be identified.


Teamwork is a very important aspect of running a company or working on a project. Within the projects I which I’ve taken part in, I have developed skills as a result of teamwork. Working with the F.A project has enabled me to grasp the importance of team work because I was working in a different field with students I have never worked with before. My role in the team can be seen as a very effective position due to my contribution to the team. Areas such as setting up the camera, attendance and punctuality are all areas which expresses my role as a team member. With the F.A project, my major contribution to the team came from setting up cameras and filming, all which needed a decent level of communication with other team members. My social skills were good as I was able to interact with the other students I followed to the locations. Without communication, I wouldn’t have been able to express myself as an individual within the team. However, areas I can show improvement is my contribution to the team. I could have easily been engaged with more professional experience working days under the F.A; however, I showed lack of involvement at some points. If I increased my availability to the dates provided for filming and interviews, I would have shown more support to the team, which will enhance my level of teamwork.

As for myself Initiated Project, which is the Company started by Kelvin and I, I have shown excellent teamwork overall. Kelvin has been pleased with my input to the team, and I feel that he has also been very influential in terms of where the company stands now. As we are a small team of two, it’s easier to relate to each other, especially because we share similar interests, hence being one of the reasons we became a team and started the Company. We understand each other clearly and we are able to solve issues within the company.  We hold regular meetings which improves our relationship as a team. In areas that we’ve worked, they have required a huge level of communication, understanding, and respecting each other’s decisions, which are all  areas that makes me a valuable team member. When we’ve had problems, we’ve been able to help each other using our areas of experience.

However, I don’t feel that I contribute enough to editing videos, because of my limited skills with the editing software we use which is Final cut pro. I could improve my teamwork in this area by studying every operating aspect within the software, to enable me to also take control and participate in editing our film clips from events together. In general, our relationship has grown from time to time and it has impacted the way we run the company.

Furthermore, another area which I showed effective teamwork was within the F.A.D project. My contribution to the team has impacted the results we had on the day. I contributed to a team I was only working with for the first time, and we were able to work well together. My contributions involved, setting up the lights required for the shoot to commence. My further contribution with photography, required me to use my listening skills and communications skills. I believe that areas I could have shown effective team work in is by interacting with every member on set, in order to build my relationship with the team.

With the Artville project, I have already worked with the team. This is because they were students from my course, dear friends of mine, and we’ve been in the same group for a multiple of projects. My contribution to the team is my strongest area of teamwork. My contribution involved setting up the camera, filming, and recording sound. As a team, we were solid because we had a structure. We allocated each other to do several tasks such as for instance, while the workshop is in progress, we have other team members conducting an interview with members of both families in the radio studio. We were very organized in terms of sorting out the technical equipment which we needed on each day of the project.  Areas I can show improvement i my teamwork is to communicate more before making decisions. There have been times when I made the wrong decisions because I didn’t bother asking another team member. Overall, our relationship built the structure of our teamwork, which in the end, was a good team effort.

In all areas which I have worked, I feel that I have shown effective teamwork. My team mates in all areas have not filed any complaints regarding my contribution to the team. This shows that I have shown good team work in general. I believe that in the future, with the skills I have attained from working in these areas, I will be able to adapt in several teams.

Extra activities by Clever Lens

Whilst in the period of promoting the company, I took some pictures, in order to show my camera skills. These pictures were gradually posted on Facebook, so that people know that the company is continuously active.  We also aim to introduce our different styles to our audiences. Also whilst on holiday, we try to get ourselves involved in media activities. Here are a few media artefacts we created just for fun.

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Here’s a video that was created on  a very sunny day:

Upcoming projects

As Clever Lens, we have been approached by a removal company called ‘Easy Move’ who want our video production and photography services on Monday the 9th of April, and Friday the 13th of April. After a brief discussion with the person in charge of Easy move, she gave us a requirement of what she would like in her advert. Part of what she required of us was to write a script regarding how the advert will be structured.

Here’s the first script which we sent to the company:

Easy Move (Cleaning Services) Script

Basically, the scenes will be in a cinematography style format. We will start off with opening shots of inside the house (Bedroom – Living room – corridors). There will be a lot of close ups and camera pans of the state of the house.

Start in the room, SOMEONE WHO’S WAKING UP (their room is in a total state).

Close-up shots of all the individual pieces of mess in the room. Person 1 wakes up and looks at all the mess, with a glum and tired look. Slowly makes way from bedroom to living room passing through an extremely messy house.

Walks through to the living room, and meets rest of the housemates in a messy living room. He says, “We need to tidy the house or we will lose our deposit”. Person 2 says: what we going to do about this”.

Person 3 says: “I am barely in this house so I don’t see why I should clean”

Person 2 says: “But this is a joint contract so if we don’t clean up we will lose our deposit”

Person 4 says: “your house is really messy, have you heard of easy move, they offer a cheap cleaning service for students at the end of their tenancy, here’s their number”.

*Person 3 gives number to person 1, who makes a phone call to easy move.*

Person 1 Phone call: “hello is this easy move… (Scene fades to black)”

Scene begins with Easy Move Cleaner at the front door greeted (smiling – in uniform)

*Transition from messy house to clean house*Shots similar to those at the start but instead all the mess replaced with the new clean setting (Possible: shots of how it looked before and now after)

Housemates together in clean house joyous with relief and satisfaction from the service

*Fades out to the Easy Move Logo … End.*

As for the photography that is required, locations such as the University library will be used to capture the easy move team as they are in the moments of working. We are looking forward to both working days as we know it will increase the status of the company, as well as credit us as a team.

Another upcoming event we have been approached to fulfill our Media services at is for a Charity event. It is called the Angel Resource Project UK, Gospel Jazz. We have been approached by the organiser of the event who has managed to negotiate with us on a business and professional level, and we have agreed with the terms of service she requires from us. As we would like to prepare ourselves before the show, we asked her for a schedule which shows all that will take place on the day.

The Angel Resource Project UK presents……..

A fundraising evening of Gospel Jazz

Venue: Life Café, Birmingham Christian Centre, Parade, Birmingham B1 3QQ

Time: 19:00

Date: 19th May 2011


Sound check

Doors open: 6:00pm

7:00pm – event starts – pray to open by Pastor Caleb Nyanni

Belinda Kae x 2 tracks – Clever Lens record

The Angel Resource Project UK promo dvd – interview with Ruth and presentation Pastor Caleb Nyanni – Clever Lens record

Quiz question – When was The Angel Resource Project established?

Carol Brewster x 2 tracks – Clever Lens record

Paul Williams and band x 5 tracks? – Clever Lens record

Reach Out Network presentation – Paul Atkin

Poem – Amanda Hemmings – Clever Lens record

Quiz Question –

Estella x 2 tracks – Clever Lens record

Ray Butcher x 2 tracks – Clever Lens record

Finale song (vote of thanks) x 1 track – Clever Lens record

Band to play – Clever lens record ??

Proceeds raised will support Countryside Orphanage in Ghana and Reach Out Network (homeless in Ladywood).

(120 mins???? Recording time????)

With this upcoming event in mind, I feel it says a lot about the success and recognition we have. We intend to work with the lady on her upcoming projects as well.

We also have the Coventry A.C.S. Awards night and Ball to cover on the 31st of May. This is the final event held by the A.C.S team before they vacate for summer holidays. The event will be a well dressed black-tie event. The upcoming events we have ahead of us, shows that we are very active within our self-initiated company. It also shows that our services are recognised ast a good standard. People require our services because they believe that we will meet their requirements.